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The Minibox is in principle quite similar to the Standard Horchbox 2.0, but much smaller. This is achieved by integrating a small battery in the box itself, so no big space for it is necessary. The minibox is able to do exactly the same things compared to the standard Horchbox 2.0, but there are some drawbacks:

Starting with 2015 the minibox is now and only available with external mikrophon. There is a standard microphone included, please see the Mikrophon page for further information. The external microphone enables you to change it easily and you can also use extension cords to place the microphone at an different location than the minibox itself.

  • Since the box should be very small the battery is not very big. Nevertheless the box will work between 2 and 3 nights without charging
  • The minibox can not be used in bad wheather condition, since it is not a water proof design

But there are also some advantages compared to the Standard Box:

  • Very light weight, less than 100g including the SD Card
  • Simple to use when traveling, since no charger is necessary (any PC USB connector can be used)
  • Placement is more flexible since the box is much smaller
  • Additionally a GPS module can be included as an option.

The Minibox is shipped with a Neopren cover and a special alloy front which provides the microphone connector and a second connector for an external power supply.

Price and further options

The Minibox costs 1100 Euro including 19% VAT and is shipped with a 8 GByte SD Card and an USB cable.
The Minibox/GPS costs 1350 Euro including 19% VAT, and is exactly the same as the Minibox, but includes an GPS module.