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Starting with 2015 there are two different microphones availabe. There is a simple microphone, which (as we unfortunately had to find out) is not very robust in terms of bad weather. It has been used for the last years and is still included with the Minibox and the Horchbox 2. It works fine up to 70 kHz for dry conditions and several users have used the same microphone for years.

A spare microphone costs 25 Euro.

But due to the fact that this microphone might get damaged quite fast by very bad weather we supply a new microphone starting with April 2015:

New microphone

This microphone should be more robust according to the manufacturer, and first tests seem promising. It also seems to be a bit better with high frequencies above 70 kHz. Unfortunately the microphone is much more expensive for us, so we can sell it for 60 Euro.

For the Horchbox 3 we use only the new microphone with in a special version, which can not be used for the Minibox or the Horchbox 2. It looks the same, but the internal structure is different. One of the new microphones is included with the Horchbox 3, please see more details at the Horchbox 3 page.

(All prices include 19% VAT)