The UMAD is a special version of the Standard Horchbox, designed for applications, where a PC is available. The UMAD is connected to a PC/Laptop. Using a standard USB connector

  • The UMAD is supplied with power
  • The UMAD sends the bat recordings to the PC
  • Can be configured as any other Horchbox

So you do not need any SD Card or battery. The main purpose for the UMAD is to use it for long term stationary tests, where a PC can be present all the time. If there is a good internet connection the recordings can be automatically transfered to any server in the Internet. BUT for now a real good uplink speed is necessary, since up to 1 GByte per night of data might need to be transfered. We are working on a special data reduction system, where only about 10% of the data needs to be transfered, but this is not yet available.