The Software for the Horchbox was completely rewritten in the last months. It is now a real simple to use but nevertheless powerfull SW to analyse the recordings and configure the Horchbox.

Please feel free to try out: You can download just the typical installation CD (unzip this file to any directory you like - no special installation required). To get a better understanding we recommend also to download a small example image file, which contains some recordings done with the Horchbox.

There is also extensive dokumentation included in the installation Zip file.

Here are some screenshots from the SW Tool:


Abfrage der GSM Daten der Horchbox 2_0

Darstellung der Aufnahme als Zeitsignal

Darstellung eines Rufes als Spektrum

Darstellung der GPS Daten als Karte


Here you can download the latest software (zipped, 3.6 MByte):

Download latest software outlink

Here is the image (zipped, 8 MByte) for evaluating the SW:

Download example image outlink

Here is another image including some GPS data to demonstrate the current status of the PC SW using GPS data (17 MByte9.

Download GPS example image outlink