Horchbox 3

The Horchbox 3 is internally based on a new hardware and software. Doing this we were able to improve the good quality of the sound recordings and extend the battery life. The Horchbox 3 will run about 14 days without any recharging.

The Horchbox 3

It main ecnlousre is about 65x80x19/26 mm (19 mm at the thin area, 26mm at the thick area). The weight is about the same as the minibox (145 g including microphone and battery, ready to run). When placed correct the housing withstand bad weather very good.

There is a small solar cell included on the Horchbox 3, which extends the runtime by at least 4 hour for each hour of sunshine. So the box can run forever if it can be placed in a sunny area and the weather is not to bad for long periods. If required an external solar cell (please ask us about the required data) or an external battery/AC adapter can be connected.

The integrated solar cell

The Horchbox 3 is basically able to do what the Minibox and/or the Horchbox 2 can do, but it picks the best of both: long runtime while lightweighted and small placed in a weather robust housing.

An GPS modul is included, so all recordings include the GPS position and even when no recording is done, the positions are saved every second in the environmental data. You can select if you want the GPS to be activated only at the beginning or keep it active all the time. Later mode requires higher current from the battery, so this reduces the runtime quite a lot.

Horchbox 3 opened

The Horchbox 3 includes also a new feature: Old data is not automatically erased on the SD card, so you can reuse the SD card and keep the earlier sessions if required. If you want to start with an empty SD card, just format it on the PC. Please make sure you use the lates PC Software when using the Horchbox 3.

Please be aware, that due to the new development the old microphones can not be used. The connector is the same and the microphones will not get damaged, but you will not get recordings. Only the Horchbox 3 microphone is working with the Horchbox 3.


Please be aware, that unfortunately we are a bit behind our schedule. So the Horchbox 3 is not fully final in the development stage. We expect new firmware and maybe also new housing in the next months. The firmware can be easily upgraded using the PC software, if there are important changes in the housing you can send us your horchbox (for example in winter) and you get the new one for free.

We wanted to be fully ready for this season, but that did not work out, sorry. But you might be interessted in this new type of Horchbox, so we wanted to go public now, even if there are minor issues.

Regarding the firmware: this is mainly finished, but the triggers will need some optimization. For now only Bat Detect and Threshold is available. The special modes like First recording in Threshold or extend recording in threshold is still missing. All of the other features are running fine.

Regarding the enclousre: We are not fully happy with the battery exchange system at the moment - this will probably improve in the next weeks.

The price for the Horchbox 3 is 1500 Euro including the GPS, integrated solar cell, the new microphone. As for the Horchbox 2 there is a GSM modul, which you can get as an option for 250 Euro, totalling to 1750 Euro for the box. All prices include the 19% vat. Please see the Prices page for more options.