Horchbox 2

The Horchbox 2 uses a robust enclosure, where you can connect the microphone and a external power source (for example a solar cell). The battery is placed inside the box which is not 100% water tight, but normally withstands rain or other bad weather.

The horchbox 2

The battery connector is a standard 7.2 Volt NiMhRC car battery connector, so you can choose from a wide product range of batteries and chargers. As default we ship the boxes with 2400 mAh batteries (20 Euro) and small chargers (30 Euro). You can buy other batteries/chargers or ask us and we will help you. Using the 2400 mAh battery the box runs about 10 days without recharging.

For storing the date a SD-Card slot is inside the enclosure. You can use any SD Card with at last 2 GByte, SDHC or SDXC is recommended for long time recording. We ship the Horchbox with at least 8 GByte SDHC cards.

The Horchbox also includes a rough temperature sensor (not calibrated) and a light sensor (not calibrated). These environmental data is recorded while the box is running. You can also set a time based sleep/active schedule using your PC and the free software. There are several trigger mechanism for starting the recording and a real time clock, so every recording has the time/date included.

The box itself costs 900 Euro and is shipped with a SD card and an USB chable for configuration. One standard mikrophone is also included (please see Mikrophon for more details.

As an option you can order:

  • Battery 2400 mAh 20 Euro
  • Charger 1 Ampere 30 Euro
  • GSM/GPS module 500 Euro

(All prices already include 19% VAT)

The GSM/GPS module enables you to get GPS data for each recording and you can see the basic operation variables like SD card usage, battery status and other information via the internet (this function is included in the Horchbox PC software and is easy to use). The recordings are not available online due to the big amount of data. If you want to order the box with the GSM/GPS option you need to send us an Simcard (we highly recommend prepaid cards without autorecharge) which we will include in the box and preeconfigure it so it will work.