You can now order any of the Horchboxes using the following eMail address: Info@batomania.com

Now available for testing

You can also request a Horchbox for a test period of one week for free (applies to Germany only at the moment). We try to keep 2 Horchboxes available for you tests all the time. If you would like to test one, please send us an eMail and we will send the Horchbox to you. You can then test it 7 days and send it back to us afterwards. There is full eMail support supplied, so if you have problems, questions or comments - just contact us.

  • All Horchbox users are informed whenever there are major updates of the firmware, so if there is some update that you might find necessary for your Horchbox purposes, just ship the box to us, we will update your box for free. Or you might want to do the firmware update yourself to save time and money, we also provide the firmware for download in the SW installation file.

  • The latest PC software is always available on this web site, whenever improvements are implemented, you can download it for free.

If you have any questions or suggestions, just send us an eMail: Info@batomania.com

There is also a newsletter available, which will be sent on an irregular basis, depending on the amount of interesting information available. Just send us an eMail to subscribe or unsubscribe, respectively.